Sampling the Sounds of the Barbershop with an Elektron Digitakt

Youtuber Dave Mech has created a track that shows off the sampling chops of the Elektron Digitakt. The video takes us through barbershop field recording, sample manipulation and beatmaking.

The Elektron Digitakt is a sampling and beatmaking powerhouse. Dave Mech has created a video tutorial that uses the device and recorded samples from his barbershop.

Mech describes the experience as follows:

It was about time I went to the barbershop. And while I was there, I though I’d record some sounds to create another youtube video on creative sampling for you. This time I went into a bit more detail on how I destroy / mangle / edit sounds to create beats.”

As the creator shows, the mechanical ambience of this particular setting is ripe for field recording. The slicing and layering of the sounds in the Digitakt, however, is where the real nuggets of wisdom lie.

Watch the video below:

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