Sampleradar Offers 260 ‘Tribal Adventures Samples’ for Free

By December 10, 2018Drums, News, Production
free samples

Sometimes you need a very particular type of drum, I’m not talking clean or crisp or snappy or tight. I mean big, boomy and powerful. But finding a nice fat tom sample can be hard, especially one that doesn’t get drowned out in a mix. Luckily, the legends at Sampleradar are offering 260 ‘Tribal Adventures Samples’ for free. Talk about Christmas come early.

free samples

If you’ve been looking for booming toms that sound like thunder in your living room, Christmas has come early with 260 free ‘Tribal Adventures Samples’.

SampleRadar states that these drums were “detuned, undamped and abused” prior to being mic’d up and sampled, so you can probably picture what they sound like. They’re organised in five folders separated by tempo, with each containing drum mixes, mix pairs and individual drum samples.

Each of the samples are in WAV format, so they will slot nicely right into your DAW or sampler and they’re also royalty-free, so you can use them as you will in any of your projects.

Simply download the zip and unzip for epic booming tribal drum sounds.

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