Royer’s R-10 Delivers a High Quality Ribbon Sound on a Budget

By September 5, 2017Happy, Miking, News

Californian ribbon mic specialists Royer have just revealed a new model: the R-10.

We always look forward to a new mic from Royer. The R-10 promises to offer the realism and warmth of a ribbon mic at a pocket-friendly price.

The new mic is a passive design and can handles 160dB SPL at 1k – coupled with its inbuilt windshield to reduce plosives, this mic should be able to take a lot more punishment than a typical ribbon.

The David Royer custom designed transformer provides a huge amount of headroom before distortion, making it ideal for capturing louder signals, like brass and big guitar cabinets.

With a retail price of US$499, this handmade mic with such a formidable pedigree is unbelievable value.

Visit the Royer website for more details.

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