Roswell Launches the Delphos II Large Diaphragm Condenser

By June 8, 2019Miking, News, Recording
roswell large diaphragm condenser vocal mic

Large diaphragm condensers are typically the most expensive microphones in the studio. Some do come cheap, others really can break the bank. The Delphos II pulls off the rare trick of exhibiting high quality, while remaining within financial reach. roswell large diaphragm condenser vocal mic

Exceptional quality, without costing an arm and a leg. The Delphos II is a premium large diaphragm condenser from the minds of Roswell.

Here’ s how the Californian-based company describe the anatomy of their latest handiwork:

The microphone uses a highly optimized transformerless circuit, which provides a pristine signal path. The microphone’s circuit boards are manufactured and populated in the US, using the finest components sourced from around the world, including low-noise NOS transistors and custom US-made signal capacitors.”

Aside from the quality of its components, it’s also a handy studio allrounder. With it’s natural frequency response, high sensitivity and low self-noise, it’s at home on quieter sources like acoustic guitar.

But there’s also a 10dB pad and three polar pattern to choose from, which would make it ideal for different parts of the drum kit, as well as being a headline lead vocal mic.

It ships for $899 US, which is not insignificant, but a lot cheaper than some of its bigger name counterparts.

Head over to Roswell for more info.

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