Roland’s New BTM-1 Lets You Jam Along to Your Favourite Songs

By April 29, 2019Amps, News
Roland BTM-1

Roland is having a crack at the wireless market with the new BTM-1, a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in standard 1/4 inch input, enabling you to plug in and play your preferred instrument.

Roland BTM-1

Roland is taking a stab at the wireless market with the new BTM-1, a lifestyle Bluetooth speaker with an instrument input.

Roland’s sleek new BTM-1 looks like it has been designed more for lifestyle spaces than serious studio work, however, with the option to plug in an instrument it could be an awesome tool for living room practises or on the go jams.

The new speaker comes with a built-in standard 1/4-inch input, as well as a minijack stereo aux input and a headphone socket. Just like a standard guitar amp, it includes gain, tone and level knobs as well as an FX button which engages a delay.

The BTM-1 is charged via USB and has a battery life of around six hours, which could even cover a picnic at the park.

Head over to Roland’s website for more information.

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