Roland Releases the Very Hands-On VT-4 Voice Transformer

By October 17, 2018Miking, News

There’s no instrument quite like the human voice, so naturally, tweaking and altering it is desirable for a whole range of musical purposes. Roland’s have released a new unit for the Airia series, the VT-4 Voice Transformer, which offers a huge range of vocal manipulation possibilities.

The VT-4 is set up for performance, there’s no diving for menu screens here, make sure you roll up your sleeves because everything is accessed via a tactile switch, knob or slider. From subtle effects to twisted transformations, the VT-4 can suit a variety of needs, from band situations to solo electronic performances.


Roland’s all-new VT-4 voice transformer lets you customise your vocal sound with a range of effects and performance engines.

Roland’s VT-4 offers a wealth of modern, as well as retro vocal effects, from distinctive delays and reverbs, to lo-fi effects and chorus. The unit also includes auto-pitch, harmony and vocoding engines that can be processed with effects themselves, giving you some pretty crazy options. Each effect can be chained to your preference, which can then be set as preset for easy access during performances.

The VT-4 harmonises and vocodes by itself, however, it includes a MIDI input function for a whole new world of expressive possibilities. The Auto-pitch, harmony and vocoder engines can all be tuned in real time with a MIDI keyboard and the units small footprint is built to sit on top of most keyboards, integrating nicely into your setup.

For more information take a look at the Roland product page.

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