Roland Has Expanded Its System-500 Eurorack Range With 4 Brand New Modules

By May 4, 2018News, Synths

Roland has announced an expansion of its System-500 Eurorack range with four brand new modules ahead of the Superbooth 2018 synth convention in Berlin next week.

These include the SYS-505 voltage-controlled filter, SYS-510 synth voice, SYS-531 mixer, and SYS-555 utility module.


Roland is expanding its System-500 Eurorack range, with four new module to be released. See them in action below.

Roland released the System 500 range back in 2015 in collaboration with Malekko as their first foray into the Eurorack market.

Inspired by their own creations from the 70s (like the classic System 100m and System-700), the System-500 was originally released with five modules, the SYS-521 filter, SYS-530 amplifier, SYS-540 envelope generator, and SYS-572 phase shifter, delay, and LFO, and SYS-512 VCO.

These new additions will see the System-500 line covering even more modular bases. Check out more info about the System-500 here.

Roland has released demos of each new module. Watch below.

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