Roland Announce Hugely Versatile SRX KEYBOARDS Soft Synth For Roland Cloud

By August 1, 2018Software, Synths

Roland have announced the new SRX KEYBOARDS software synthesiser for Roland Cloud.

SRX KEYBOARDS is an authentic virtual recreation of an early-2000s SRX expansion board, which was originally exclusively compatible Roland hardware synths.


Roland have announced their newSRX KEYBOARDS software synthesiser for the Roland Cloud, a virtual recreation of an early-2000s SRX expansion board.

The original SRX expansion compiled multiple SR-JV80 boards, collecting the very best Roland keyboard sounds into a single expansion. The new soft synth is set to include over 1700 original waveforms, 86 effects, and 393 preset tones, with plenty of room to craft your own sounds using the editing interface.

The collection covers a massive range of classic keyboard sounds from all manner of acoustic and electric pianos, pads, strings, and a whole heap more.

The new software is slated to be tonally indistinguishable from the original hardware, and with a much wider range of tweakable tones and features, it is well and truly a modern interpretation of a classic.

Grab more details here, and get a free 30 day trial of Roland Cloud here.

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