Roland and Serato Team Up with the New DJ-707M

By August 15, 2019DJ, Mixing, News, Production
Roland Serato DJ

The DJ-707M is Roland’s latest effort in the market of professional DJ controllers – it looks like one not soon to be forgotten.  The four channel DJ controller comes from an unexpected collaboration between audio pros Roland and DJ software royalty, Serato. As a result, the DJ-707M combines versatility and practicality into one compact rugged unit.

The DJ-707M comes kitted out with a loudspeaker management system featuring separate 4-Band output EQ, multiband compressor and limiter controls for the Master, Booth and Zone outputs. The controller features seven inputs, including front-mounted auxiliary inputs for plugging in an extra live instrument or backup vocalist. The two XLR inputs each have their own gain, low-cut switch, noise gate and sizeable effects unit. This is combined with a 24-bit/48 kHz audio interface and Roland D/A converter to ensure clean crisp audio input.

Roland’s innovative DJ-707M is a powerhouse system. Its Serato integrated controls and expert design could set a new benchmark in the world of DJ Controllers.

Roland’s ingenuity with pro audio and live performance means that the DJ-707M comes packed with many features that will make sure your set “bumps – without any bumps“. The system’s automatic feedback suppression listens for and anticipates feedback, adjusting speaker output automatically and preventing disruptions. This is combined with the ability to save and recall up to 10 custom EQ and compression presets for quick access to familiar settings.

As for actually DJing, the 707M’s deep Serato DJ Pro integrated controls allow you to switch between four Serato decks while launching hot cues, loops, effects, drum patterns, and samples. Roland’s hardware effects can be assigned individually to the onboard Filter/FX knobs to finesse blends or accentuate scratches. The DJ-707M’s built-in TR drum machine means Roland classic 808 and 909 drums are now at your fingertips, allowing you taking your performance to the next level of expression.

Those looking for more details can visit Roland’s website here.

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