Roland and Puma Team Up With a Pair of TR-808 Kicks, Because Why Not

By April 17, 2018News

It must be the season for unlikely collaborations. This time, its Roland and Puma with the release of the TR-808 sneakers.

These beats are made for walking: Roland and Puma team up to deliver the TR-808 in the form of a pair of kicks.

As you might imagine, the shoes reflect the subtle yet iconic warm colour scheme of the drum machine. Their other unique beatmaking capabilities are as yet unclear, but if you’re a fiend for 80s nostalgia these might be for you.

As reported by CDM reports, the RS-0 is a reissue of the Puma RS (Running System) line that was released in the 1980s. Naturally, they’re black with the iconic 808 red-yellow-orange colour scheme down the time, plus the “Rhythm Controller” text on the heel.

If this is your dig, keep an eye out for more info on when they will be released, and how much they will set you back.

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