Roland Add a TR-808 and SH-101 Models to their Boutique Range

By August 9, 2017Happy, News, Software, Synths

One of the worst kept secrets has been confirmed, Roland have revealed a new TR-808 and SH-101 to compliment their range of Boutique synth and drum machine emulations.

Hot on the heels of 808 day, Roland are set to release a new version of the definitive drum machine TR-808, as well their mono classic, the SH-101.

The TR-08 is accurately fashioned after the original, though taking up a much smaller footprint. Some new and welcome features to the new drum machine include compression on the kick and snare and intricate sub-divisions of sequencer steps, allowing for more complex fills.

Performance flow is maintained by being able to switch between step input and record input without stopping the playback. DAW integration is enhanced by audio and MIDI support via USB.

The SH-101 emulation, which is titled the SH-01A utilises analog circuit behaviour technology to bring back the iconic sounds of the classic monosynth. Though it aims to deliver the leads and bass that are so loved in the original, it offers welcome additions like four-voice polyphony to expand on the potential sonic palette.

Storing up to 64 patterns is available in the sequencer, syncing is available through CV gate and MIDI information can be sent via USB.

Release dates are yet to be confirmed, but you can find out more about the TR-08 and the SH-01A on the Roland website.


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