RØDE Unveils the TF-5 Matched Pair of Condenser Microphones

By June 6, 2019Miking, News, Recording
rode tf5 small diaphragm condenser classical recording

Australian mic manufacturers RØDE has just announced the TF-5 matched small diaphragm condenser microphone pair. The emphasis for these high end microphones is capturing as natural a performance as possible.rode tf5 small diaphragm condenser classical recording

Transparency is at a premium with these microphones. The TF-5 matched pair is RØDE’s collaboration with classical recording pioneer, Tony Faulkner.

The mic pair is designed in collaboration with classical recording luminary, Tony Faulkner. Here’s how RØDE describe his contribution to sound engineering:

Many words have been used to describe Tony Faulkner, the prolific and award-winning classical music recording engineer. But few of those words adequately capture his contribution to the field of music recording; his prolific career, his technical innovations and the body of wonderful recordings that feature his name.”

The new microphone pair is adept at precise spot recordings, but especially shines on a wider stereo capture, designed to translate high fidelity performances in a well-treated environment – which is keeping with Faulkner’s approach to the art.

Visit RØDE for more details.

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