Rode Releases Wireless GO, the World’s Smallest Wireless Microphone System

By April 9, 2019News, Recording
Wireless Go

RODE’s new Wireless Go is a super compact multi-purpose mic system perfect for those with active recording needs. RODE claims it’s the smallest in the world for its class and at 31g that’s believable. It looks tiny enough that you probably have to focus on not accidentally swallowing it when on the go.

Wireless Go

RODE’s new Wireless Go is the world’s smallest microphone system and is designed for professional voice recording on the go.

RODE’s Wireless GO was intended for vloggers and on the go journalists who need something quick, adaptable and easy. It’s a multipurpose solution for recording and transmitting audio to video cameras designed to be pocket-sized portable.

RODE’s latest compact device can act as a simple lapel mic, or you can plug in a RODE Lavalier for broadcast-grade audio, with the Go acting as a high-quality preamp and transmitter. It boasts series III 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission with 128-bit encryption, which allows for crystal clear transmission in areas busy with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activity, think shopping malls, conventions, hotels etc.

The Wireless Go offers up to 70m of range and lithium-ion batteries also give this handy little unit seven hours of life on a full charge.

For more information check RODE’s website.

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