RØDE Enter the Audio Interface World with the High Quality, No Frills AI-1

By December 6, 2017News, Recording

Australian microphone makers RØDE have entered the world of the audio interface with the AI-1.


Need a no-frills, top to bottom recording solution? RØDE have you covered with the AI-1 audio interface as part of their Complete Studio Kit.

The new interface, squarely aimed at home studio musicians looking a simple recording solution, is an unassuming pocket-sized black box.

It features a single Neutrik Combi-Jack input that will accept quarter-inch jack cables (for all your guitar and bass needs) as well as standard 3-pin XLR cables from microphones.

It has a stereo balanced outputs for main monitors, and a headphone output for monitoring while recording, with a USB-C connection to your computer. Perhaps the neatest trick the AI-1 has up its sleeve is its direct monitoring capability. Pressing in the output volume knob directs the signal from the preamp to the headphone out – no annoying latency while tracking.

The “ready to record” philosophy is reinforced with access to Ableton Live Lite upon registration of the studio kit, which includes their NT1 large diaphragm condenser mic, a shock mount and all cables.

Visit RØDE for more details, and check out their AI-1 kit here.

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