RØDE Announce the NT-SF1 Surround Sound Microphone For All Your 360 Audio Needs

RØDE have just announced the imminent release of the NT-SF1 surround sound microphone, which captures audio in a 360-degree field.

Meeting the need to capture ambisonic audio, the SoundField by RØDE NT-SF1 captures audio in a 360-degree spectrum with high-end condenser quality.

RØDE acquired SoundField with the goal of producing microphones that capture high-quality ambisonic fields. The microphone features RØDE’s new and pristine 1/2 inch TF45C capsules in a tetrahedral array.

It produces four-channel A-format recordings, which can be translated into B-format recordings, via a soon to be released companion SoundField by RØDE plug-in.

The mic is perfectly placed to be a key tool in the burgeoning world of 3D soundscapes, virtual reality, gaming and more.

The NT-SF1 is slated to come in under USD $1000.

Visit RØDE for more details.

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