Rockboard Invents a Solution to Bright LEDs on Pedals, LED Dampers

By December 10, 2018News, Pedals
led dampers

Not every new invention in the world of gear has screens, sliders and dozen shiny knobs. In fact, some are very simple solutions to very real problems that don’t even cost half your paycheck, which is nice for a change. Rockboard’s new LED dampers are a perfect example.

led dampersNot all inventions in the world of gear are high-tech units that cost half your paycheck and Rockboard’s new LED Dampers are a good example of just that.

We’ve all got that one pedal that is way too bright, you push the switch tentatively with your foot, bracing for the onslaught of brightness that you know is coming. It can be super disorientating, especially when playing in the dark. Wouldn’t it be great if that light was just a little more muted? Well, enter LED Dampers, they’re a simple invention and are essentially defractive caps that sit over the LED lights on pedals.

They’re basically inexpensive small plastic domes with an adhesive that Rockboard claim “defracts the light of LEDs, so the pedal’s status is still clearly visible in broad daylight as well as in the dark.”

How very nifty.

LED dampers also come in two sizes so you should be able to find a fit. If your pedalboard blinds you and you need some shade, head over to Rockboard’s website.

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