Robert Keeley Engineering Reveals the Exclusive X Series Pedal Range

By January 8, 2019News, Pedals
Keeley X series

Robert Keeley is well known in the pedal world for modifying and manufacturing some of the most desirable stompboxes money can buy, so when he announces that the company is producing a limited edition series, you tend to pay attention.

How exclusive is this new series then?  The answer is very. Of the 10 new pedals released, just 30 of each will be produced. So if you want one, you better get in quick because these babies will go like hotcakes.

Keeley X series

Keeley has revealed 10 new limited-edition pedals, from Fuzz to Tape Echo. But if you want one, you better get in quick – just 30 of each will ever be made.

Robert Keeley’s new lineup takes classic Keeley pedals such as drives, fuzzes and echoes and adorns them in a new ‘prototype’ design with what he describes as ‘analog printed labels’. The lineup also includes an all-new vibe pedal, a new reverb which includes spring, plate, and chamber settings, as well as a chorus which he describes as “the world’s only flawless chorus pedal.”

Keeley himself states that this new series was never meant to be a large release, but is rather more of a hobbyist project for his own interest. However, if these new units are good enough for him, then they are surely good enough for the rest of us.

“These were not designed for 2019’s big release party out in California at the NAMM show. Nope, this started out as a kind of self-indulgent, end of year endeavour. But alas, I was taught to share, so here ya go. I made 30 of each of the ten new X Pedals effects for you to put into duty.” 

For more information check out Keeley’s website.

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