Riot Audio Releases Bowed Glass Clouds Virtual Instrument

riot audio bowed glass clouds virtual instrument

Riot Audio has just unveiled a new virtual instrument called Bowed Glass Clouds. The sounds were sourced from glass bowls and jars and is just the thing for evolving cinematic pads.riot audio bowed glass clouds virtual instrument

Eerie, morphing soundscapes for your next Hollywood cue. Riot Audio has just launched the new Bowed Glass Clouds virtual instrument – free for a limited time.

The instrument utilises Kontakt’s AET Filter technology transition between the A and B layers. Both the layers contain base and target sublayers, which makes for deeper and more complex textures.

As far as modern virtual instruments go, this is a refreshingly simple affair, with all controls available on one page.

Aside from the all-important morphing control – which modulates the sound from sub to target layers over time, there are also a handful of effects to augment the tonal possibilities. These include distortion, bandpass filtering, delay and reverb.

Bowed Glass Clouds is free for a limited time. Visit Riot Audio for all the details.

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