Reverb’s Best-Selling Synths and Drum Machines of 2018

By December 7, 2018Drum Machines, News, Synths

Reverb has become synonymous with that word that makes your heart skip a beat, raises a sweat on your brow: gear. Evidently, many of us couldn’t resist temptation to hit the website and splurge. Now they’ve compiled a list of 2018’s greatest hits from the synth and drum machine world.

Yep, its Christmas again! So the time is right to check out Reverb’s 2018 synth and drum machine best-sellers list and start salivating.

This is what Reverb had to say about the list their findings:

As has been the case for much of the past decade, 2018 saw continued growth in the synth sector, with more and more music makers taking advantage of the growing wealth of affordable, inspiring electronic instruments on the market.”

As to be expected, Behringer made quite a splash with their Moog tribute, with the trilogy of Japanese giants (Roland, Korg and Yamaha) dominating the list of best-selling brands.

Check out the full list here.

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