Reverb’s Best-Selling Pro Audio Gear of 2018

By December 17, 2018Miking, News, Recording
Audio gear

Audio gear, it may not be as sexy as a new Fender, but when it comes to laying down a track, it’s just as important. Of course, professional producers and hobbyists alike are aware of the importance of a good interface or microphone, but what are they actually using? Well, the folks over at Reverb have put together a list of the best selling Pro Audio Gear of 2018.

So what was the best selling microphone? Take a guess…

Audio gear

Microphones, interfaces and modules are the tools that turn sound into songs, but what’s everyone actually using? To help answer that, Reverb has compiled a list of 2018’s best sellers.

If you guessed the Shure SM57, you’d be right, but don’t expect any sort of medal for picking that one. Also predictably, the Shure SM58 came in second place. Sennheiser was also well represented in the top 10, with their versatile workhorse, the e906 taking fourth spot.

On the interface side, the much-lauded Universal Audio Apollo Twin took the top spot, before almost every variety in Focusrite’s popular Scarlett range, starting with the 2i2. Finally, Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511 took out the top spot for modules.

All results were based on new and used sales combined, however, as Reverb states “these numbers reflect both new and used sales in combination, but generally speaking, the rankings are quite similar when splitting the figures out for sales for just used or brand-new sales.”

Reverb has also put together a list for best-selling pedals as well as synths and drum-machines for 2018.

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