Reverb has been Acquired by Etsy for $275 Million

By July 24, 2019Industry, News
reverb bought by etsy

Since its birth a mere six years ago, the rise of the music gear focussed marketplace, Reverb, has been nothing short of meteoric. Most readers would have interacted with the site in some way, whether to buy, sell, or simply lust after a favourite bit of gear.

The rapid expansion of the business has been recognised by Etsy – another marketplace with a slant towards handcrafted and vintage goods. Reverb, however, has vowed not to change in spite of the takeover. reverb bought by etsy

If you’re connected to the music or audio community in any way, Reverb is a name you’ve surely come across. The music marketplace has just been acquired by Etsy.

A few short years ago, David Kalt, the founder and CEO of Reverb was the proprietor of a guitar store. Finding it increasingly difficult to buy and sell instruments online, he came up with a simple marketplace where musicians could interact, buy and sell gear with a minimum of fuss.

Fast forward to 2019 and that company has been bought for hundreds of millions of dollars. Never fear though, it will continue to grow with the expanded resources of its new parent company, Etsy.

The fit seems to be a healthy one. Etsy, a company which prioritises the trade of vintage goods is well placed to understand the ethos of what has grown to become the eBay for musicians.

For more information, head over to Reverb and read the statement from outgoing CEO, David Kalt.

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