Resurrecting a Golden God: Sunn O))) Re-Release The Life Pedal

By August 22, 2019Effects, News, Pedals

The Life Pedal is the heavily praised collaboration between experimental metal band Sunn O))) and pedal professionals, Earthquaker Devices. The previous model had only 1000 units made and sold in under a day. Those looking to grab one nowadays can expect to pay up to $1200 on Reverb.

Back by obvious popular demand, the remake of the limited edition pedal comes in a luxurious golden enclosure with the same bone-crushing distortion of the original. Right now there is a limited 300 available from Reverb, and another 200 to be sold directly by the band while on tour.

Sunn O))) gives us a second chance at life, in pedal form. The rare skull-crushing distortion of the Life Pedal is back again.

The name of the pedal and its tone came from Sunn O)))’s very own Life Metal Album. The pedal is an octave distortion and booster, that replicates the signature sound of the LM308 White Face distortion. As a consequence, the Life Pedal boasts immaculate fuzz capabilities close to that of vintage germanium units and the ProCo Rat.

The controls include distortion filter and amplitude knobs that affect the right hand side circuit distortion whereas the left side circuit switch is a boost circuit controlled by the magnitude knob. This effect allows you to push your amp into glorious saturation heaven, pairing perfectly with the distorted hellscape of the pedal’s right side. The Life Pedal’s octave circuit can also be dialled in to taste using the control.

The most interesting feature of all though is definitely the clipping control switch. Said switch lets you select between three types of clipping tones – symmetrical, asymmetrical and op-amp. As a result, you are able to customise the nature of your distortion from completely insane to rich and broad.

For details on the Life Pedal, visit the Sunn O))) website.

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