Remute has made an Album on a Sega Mega Drive Cartridge

By March 4, 2019News, Production, Synths

Techno producer Remute has revealed his latest album, Technoptimistic. What sets this record apart is that it will be released on a Sega Mega Drive cartridge.
SegaRemute’s Technoptimistic is a less than conventional release. In fact, it might just be the first album to be released on the Sega Mega Drive cartridge format.

In preparation for the album’s full release, Remute has given us a glimpse of what to come with the track, “Red Eyes” which can be found on SoundCloud.

Here’s how the artist describes the track:

“Offering a taste of what is in store across the project, Remute unveils lead track ‘Red Eyes’; following the story of a red eyed cyborg – the ultimate friendly cyberpunk. Looping robotic vocals and synth lines laced with an electro-funk feel, come together to form an uplifting and somewhat psychedelic experience; spreading the ‘Computerliebe’.”

Head over to BandCamp for more details.

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