Redesign the Grains of Sound with Portal from Output

output portal granular synth plugin

Granular synthesis can turn out sounds like no other. Breaking down raw audio and redesigning it to make something completely fresh is no doubt fun, but can be difficult.

Portal takes same difficult and makes it intuitive and fun instead. With simple layout and controls for creating the most outlandish sounds in real time, it makes for one powerful piece of software.output portal granular synth plugin

Output’s Portal is a sound destroyer, but also has the capacity to rebuild them in the most beautiful ways. It’s depth and ease of use is unparalleled in a granular synth.

Firstly, it’s best to get to grips on the plugin’s design. It features three screens, the first of which is where most of the action is. A big sphere greets you, and if you choose on of the presets and drag around while the sound is playing – instant granular synthesis.

Venture a little deeper and you can get into the grain controls. They feature stretch, for slowing down incoming audio, while tweaking size gives up choppy chaos. Pitch shifting and delay are also on hand.

In the modulation section, you can change waveshapes. It also comes with a suite of effects including delay, reverb, compression, filtering and more.

For more info, visit the Output website.

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