Red Bull Music Academy and Tatsuya Takahashi Launch Electronic Music Tutorial Series

By August 9, 2018News, Synths
Red Bull music academy

Red Bull Music Academy and former Korg Chief Engineer, Tatsuya Takahashi have teamed up to launch a new video series titled First Patch, an “educational series designed to give you the essential information you need in order to start making music on electronic instruments.”

Red Bull music academy

Red Bull Music Academy and former Korg Chief Engineer Tatsuya Takahashi have launched a new web series First Patch, and the first episode sees Tats introduce the legendary Roland TR-808.

The videos in the series will be short and to-the-point, each clocking in at five minutes or less. “Throughout the series, I’ll take you through the fundamentals of many different machines,” Takahashi says in the intro video, which you can watch below.

The first video of the series sees Takahashi walk through a brief history of the legendary Roland TR-808, followed by a short introductory tutorial.

Over the years, the 808 has been used by such artists as Damon Albarn, Beastie Boys, Marvin Gaye, Phil Collins, Rick Rubin, and an endless amount of others. Watch the first episode of First Patch below.

Watch a newly released ‘making of’ video for the drum machine’s 2015 documentary 808 here.

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