Rattletines Brings Tuned Percussion Beauty to your DAW

As a composer or music producer it is important to have a vast library of quality organic sounds. Rattletines will now help you add another to your collection with its lush finger piano and tines tones. Whether it’s warm mellow plucks or buzzy twangs, Bart Hopkins has lovingly captured the complete range of timbres this family of instruments has to offer.

Each onboard instrument produces its own distinct characteristics, with every note having a personal resonant flavour. In saying this, Soundiron has managed to create a very adaptable and organic instrument library previously longed for by many composers.

Soundiron has collaborated with mastermind Bart Hopkins to give us Rattetines. Prepare to have its organic kalimba tones breath life into your music.

Rattletines comes packed with over 7000 stereo samples as well as 20 custom sound-designed FX and ambient presets. The 5 master presets can be on 3 unique handcrafted lamellophones, each with 2 different mic positions. Therefore, you have the ability to select and swap certain instruments with different timbres. The addition of simulated playing styles like percussive knocks, glissandos and 8 bonus ambient effects, pads and drones makes gives you a broad palette of expressive techniques to work with.

Those looking for more modern parameter controls can find peace with the inbuilt LFO, filter, glide, and arpeggiator parameters. Designed for integration with the Komplete 6 Player, the software truly shines  when paired with Komplete Kontrol keyboard to unlock addition levels of functionality.


Rattletines is available now on the Soundiron website.

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