Quadruple Your Signal With the MeeBlip Cubit 4 Port MIDI Splitter

By December 12, 2018News, Studio
MeeBlip cubit

The synth specialists at MeeBlip have come up with a very nifty little utility box, the MeeBlip Cubit. It’s a 4-port MIDI splitter, which copies all MIDI data and distributes it to four outputs. A simple solution in a compact box, what’s not to like about that.

MeeBlip cubit

The MeeBlip Cubit 4 Port MIDI Splitter is a simple and compact way to quadruple your MIDI signal.

The benefit of this little box is that it enables you to share MIDI data from one device to four other bits of gear, with the promise of ‘ultra-low latency’. The Cubit is super slimline and has all of its jacks situated on its top face, meaning you’ll always find a place for it. It’s powered by a USB port or 5v power adapter.

“Cubit lets you share one MIDI OUT with multiple pieces of gear (no more repatching!) and easily distributes MIDI clock to your setup,” states MeeBlip.

This little device looks like a handy gadget to have on hand in the studio. For more information check out the MeeBlip product page.

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