Puremagnetik’s Clusters Goes Deep Into Creative Modulation

Puremagnetik has unveiled Clusters. It’s a plugin that delivers on classic tremolo, but goes further into the modulated territories by splitting the frequency spectrum and exploring ring modulation.

A simple tremolo, but with a world of additional possibilities. Clusters is the newest offering from Puremagnetik, providing the basics, all the way to sci-fi.

Here’s how the creators describe the new software:

Clusters is a creative modulation tool that shapes incoming audio to dynamically pulsate, shimmer and fluctuate. It uses a traditional tremolo signal path that can be augmented with ring modulation, frequency band shifting and animation controls.”

More specifically, the controls include Flux – which produces dynamically changing waveforms that modulate the incoming audio. Overclock sends the tremolo into ring mod territory, giving you the ability to tap into harmonics and overtones.

The Crossover point can be set to any frequency. The frequencies below the point modulate at half speed and slightly out of phase with the upper frequency band. Then Animation is on hand to modulate the crossover point frequency, enabling experimentation to your heart’s content.

Visit Puremagnetik for more info.

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