Puremagnetik Unveils Verv Sunbaked Tape Loop Synth Plugin

By February 18, 2019News, Production, Software, Synths

Verv is a new plugin that harnesses retro sounds that are very much part of the lofi zeitgeist. The synth plugin is inspired by classic string machines and sunbaked tape loops.

Puremagnetik’s Verv combines the lush, warm tones of 70s string machines with the destructive and chaotic force of sunbaked tape loops.

The plugin’s interface is incredibly simple to navigate, with knobs and descriptions for the sub octave voice, envelope tools, tone, waveshapes and the ensemble effect.

What sets the instrument apart however is the bake control. This is how Puremagnetik explains it:

We thought Verv would sound much, much cooler if it could be recorded to a tape loop and set to bake in the sun (perhaps on a car dashboard) all summer long! While we can’t bring tape loops and a hot desert sun to your studio, we encapsulated the experience into an effect.”

Dial in the bake to add chaotic wow and flutter and lo-fi degradation to the tone of the synth. That said, with bake out of the mix, pristine and rich string synth sounds are ready to tap into.

Visit Puremagnetik for more info.

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