Puremagnetik Unveils the Eidolon Spectral Ensemble Machine

Puremagnetik has just released the Eidolon plugin as part of its Spark subscription service. It dishes up all kinds of modulated flavours, from deep delays, tremolos and even synthesis.

Eidolon Spectral Ensemble Machine is the latest creation from the minds of Puremagnetik. It offers everything from subtle chorus to complete sonic smudging.

Here’s how Puremagnetik describe their new plugin:

Eidolon is a unique multi-effect device that brings together a bucket-brigade delay ensemble, spectral effects, a tap delay and tremolo. It is capable of completely smudging, smoothing and thickening almost anything you feed into it. Most of all, it is designed as a tool of experimentation.”

Beneath the simple interface of the plugin lie two essential transformative elements. Firstly, the depth knob controls the amount of the bucket brigade ensemble effect.

Blur is not as easy to identify, yet Puremagnetik aptly describe it as “… kind of like smudging paint across a canvas… but with sound!

Visit Puremagnetik for more information.

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