Puremagnetik Offers Two Audio Warping Plugins For Free

By March 27, 2019News, Software

If you’re into the time-warping side of sound, this is right up your alley. Renowned sample library publishers Puremagnetik are celebrating the launch of their own label with a giveaway of two effects plugins, the Expanse Texture Generator and Driftmaker Delay Disintegration Device.


Expanse and Driftmaker from Puremagnetik have the potential to create haunting drones and lush ambient soundscapes. Oh, and they’re free.

“If you’re at all familiar with Puremagnetik, you’ll already know that we delight in developing products that are experimental, lo-fi and novel. Naturally, we enjoy imparting a taste of the avant-garde upon our audience. To celebrate the launch of the new Puremagnetik music label, we are proud to bring you two free plugins that pay homage to ambient, microsound and granular traditions,” says Puremagnetik.


Expanse is a textural noise and drone generator that works with midi. The wall of sound created can be spectrally blurred, pitched, and filtered. The effect was inspired by Larum’s Into a Bright Land.


Driftmaker is a ‘delay disintegration device’ that deteriorates the signal while recalling selective parts of it. It was created to encapsulate the BlankFor.ms’s debut on Puremagnetik – Works for Tape and Piano. All presets were developed by BlankFor.ms.

Both plugins can be scored completely free by subscribing to Puremagnetik’s newsletter, head on over to Puremagnetik to download Expanse and Driftmaker.

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