Punk Rockers IDLES Prove Aston Microphones Double Up as Cricket Balls

By October 29, 2018Miking, News
Aston vs idles

English rock band IDLES are known for getting a bit rowdy on stage, so rowdy that they manage to really push the limits of their gear. On this occasion, however, it seems as though they might have met their match. In the midst of their world tour, Aston Mics invited the punk to put a few products through their paces.

Aston vs idles

Aston claims that their microphones are near indestructible. Well, IDLES have proved that there’s no question that they can take a bit of a beating.

The pleasant activities included smacking the microphones with guitars, and using a cricket bat to score a few 4s and a couple of 6s. Despite the abuse, the Aston condenser mics kept bouncing back. The band achieved a little minor cosmetic damage, before taping the mics up and using them for a sold-out Kentish Town show.

Pretty incredible really. Take a look at the mindless destruction below.

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