Psychedelic Swirl in Three Colours: Native Instruments Reveals the Mod Pack Effects Series

By February 6, 2018News, Software

Native Instruments, the company best-known for the clever integration of virtual instruments and hardware have dived into the field of modulation effects with the release of the Mod Pack Effects Series.

Get lost in the depth of flanger, chorus and phaser effects available in the Mod Pack from Native Instruments. The series of effects features touches of the classic with contemporary twists.

Phasis is – you probably guessed it – the phaser effect in the trio. The Ultra mode pushes the sound into FM territory and deeper tweakability is on hand with Spread control (changing the spacing between the phaser’s notches).

Choral is a deep and versatile chorus, with four different modes that emulate a variety of chorus attributes from deep and detuned to bright and modern. There’s also a Scatter mode to create an extra tail of ambience on the modulation.

Flair covers all your flanging needs, emulating the tape and vintage stompbox varieties of the effect. With 24 sets of tuned flanging layers, the sound design possibilities of this plugin are endless.

Check out Native Instruments for more info.

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