Propellerhead Launches the PolyStep Sequencer for Reason

propellerhead polystep step sequencer reason

If you’re a Reason user, there’s now a whole new way to create progressions and sequences. The PolyStep Sequencer creates a ton of new possibilities for production.

propellerhead polystep step sequencer reasonFor all the Reason users out there: the Polystep Sequencer offers up a whole new environment for the creation of exciting chord progressions, arpeggios and more.

Here’s how Propellerhead describe their new product:

Create sequences by drawing in notes, record in real time or record with step input and then let the magic begin. Transpose your sequences in real-time from MIDI input, always in scale. Grab single notes and drag them in the horizontal or vertical to create boxes.

From there, you can transform the boxes into into chords, repeats, arpeggios or guitar style strumming.

You can also go deep into the nitty gritty, by setting pitch, velocity, probability, legato and more.

Beware though, this plugin is only for owners of Reason 10 or later.

Visit Propellerhead for all the details.

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