Propellerhead Launches the Free Reason Compact App for iOS

Propellerhead has just released the Reason Compact app, free to download for iOS. It can work alongside other apps, with Reason 10, or in standalone mode.

Standalone music production on the fly? Meet Reason Compact: a free app for iOS with everything you need for electronic synth jamming.

At the heart of the new app is Europa, Reason’s flagship synthesizer, with sixteen waveforms available that you can morph with the Shape control.

It’s packed with presets from world class producers and features intuitive production tools, including Smart Keyboard, Chords tool, arpeggiator and a not grid editor.

Effects-wise, it comprises distortion, delay, reverb and unison and you can connect with other via Ableton link, or export your work in Reason 10.

Check out Reason Compact in the app store.

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