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Production encompasses a broad scope of musical services. With a wide range of audio production services available, Enmore Audio relishes the creative challenge of helping realise musical goals for projects of any size. From helping a solo artist to flesh out original songs, to guiding the aesthetic path of a band, Enmore Audio takes a collaborative and inventive approach to pop music productions.

We are also passionate about original composition – Enmore Audio has the creative tools and expertise at its disposal to bring life to film, television, advertising, video games and other media that requires a unique sonic brand.

Throughout the three-room facility, Enmore Audio has inspiring musical tools to call upon. Unmistakable vintage rock drum sounds are available with our Ludwig kit. Even if you need a drummer to play them, we can call upon the various talented musicians who have graced our halls, to play on your record. Our Hammond organ has found its way onto many of the tracks produced at Enmore Audio, along with other fine keyboard choices such as the Fender Rhodes, Yamaha U3 upright and Nord Stage V2. All manner of guitar tones can be dialed in through our assortment of guitar pedals – boutiques and classics – and our valve-driven guitar and bass amplifiers. If you’re looking for synthy goodness, the Juno 6, Microkorg and Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano – not to mention emulations in the Arturia V Collection – are all available.

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More importantly than all the sonic flavours, however, is the communication in the production process. The crew at Enmore Audio can guide an artist throughout the lifespan of a project. A typical order of production may include the demo stage: the point at which an artist approaches the producer with demos or sketches of a song, or group of songs. This could be with an overarching concept, or without. The exchange of musical references between artist and producer facilitates the overall planning of the project (scope, budget, aesthetic choices). The producer can then assist with the arrangement of parts, session players, composing of extra layers and set a timeline for the recording.

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In the recording, the producer may or may not engineer, but they will oversee the tracking, in order to create the most appropriate sounds at their source. It is the producer’s role to ensure that the vision of the artist is held with integrity and no detrimental compromises are made. Ideally, the producer will drive all performers to work to the best of their ability, thus capturing the “magic” in the recording.

The producer plays an equally important role in the mixing and mastering stages of the project. Though these tasks probably won’t involve all the performers on a record, the producer is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a healthy flow of communication between the artist and the engineers concerned and also with providing aesthetic guidance throughout these critical phases.

Enmore Audio is equally adept at handling creative briefs that require a full original composition. With cutting-edge instrument samples from EastWest, Trillian and BFD, along with our aforementioned multitude of instruments, Enmore Audio has the ingenuity to create inspired, distinctive pieces of music for an array of media types. The Enmore Audio team are dedicated musicians at heart and love nothing more than diving into an exciting brief, building a one-of-a-kind audio landscape from the ground up.

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Composing the music isn’t the full story. Enmore Audio has a broad community of talented and intuitive musicians to call upon to bring the pieces to fruition. In addition to this, Enmore Audio is recording facility with world-class acoustic design, meaning that the studio is capable of handling a brief, in-house, from beginning to end, making communication straight-forward between the studio and client.

Enmore Audio is a prime Sydney production studio, well-suited to provide professional and unique production services for a comprehensive range of musical projects. If you want chat or find out more, contact Radi or Dan.

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