Presonus Unveils Upgrade to their DAW – Studio One 4.5

presonus studio one version 4.5 new daw

Presonus has launched the latest incarnation of their DAW. Studio One has reached version 4.5 and boasts more than 70 new improvements, working from a robust, customer-curated roadmap.

presonus studio one version 4.5 new daw

The DAW wars continue. Presonus has just released Studio One version 4.5. It comes with scores of improvements that will benefit producers and traditional recordists alike.

The headline improvement to the software is multi-core optimisation for virtual instruments. In practice, these means that CPU load has been reduced by up 70% for native plugins and 50% for third party plugins like Kontakt.

Expanded input, gain staging and channel customisation gives recording engineers more control when tracking after the sound has been processed by external hardware.

Note editing has been enhanced, which will be a boon for composers looking for extra creative options in the MIDI zone. Options to randomize, apply scale and mirror are available. Chord audition is also on hand for composers who are guided by their ears.

A whole stack of under the hood measures are on board that are set to smooth out the workflow for managing plugins, exporting and more.

Visit the Presonus website for all the details.

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