Bee Warned. Beetronics’ Swarm Fuzz Harmonizer is Coming

By January 31, 2019News, Pedals
Beetronics swarm fuzz harmonizer

There’s a swarm coming. The angry cloud of a thousand bees that is Beetronics’ Swarm Fuzz Harmonizer. Showcased at Winter NAMM, this unit is the latest weapon from the Los Angeles based company Beetronics, a manufacturer that obviously enjoys a bee pun or two.

Beetronics swarm fuzz harmonizer

Cover your eyes and open your ears. Beetronics’ Swarm Fuzz Harmonizer is an angry cloud of a thousand stinging bees.

As you can probably guess, this isn’t your standard run of the mill fuzz. Aside from the interesting graphics and bee-themed controls, the Swarm Fuzz Harmonizer packs a punch… or sting. Beetronics’ latest release unleashes crazy walls of fuzz through a diverse range of harmonic tonal capabilities. This stomp box manipulates these harmonics into a thick, synthy square-wave-like sound, which is both musical and very brutal.

The controls may seem a bit confusing, and they are. So here’s the run down. ‘Queen’ and ‘Drone’ are used to dial in low and high harmonies respectively. ‘Species’ gives you a selection of eight harmonic options, while ‘Flight’ and ‘Sting’ are designed to interact and shape the tone and changes the sound’s attack and release. ‘Worker’ is closest to a straight Fuzz control.

Beetronics is yet to release this angry storm, but here’s their website to keep you posted.

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