PPG Infinite: A New Touch Morphing Synth App for iPad

By August 2, 2017Happy, News, Software, Synths

Wolfgang Palm has just teased plans for his new creation, the PPG Infinite touch synth.

The PPG Infinite combines a sleek user interface with wave shaping and morphing creativity. One to look out for fans of touch synthesis.

Infinite represents the culmination of PPG’s synth exploration. Wolfgang Palm invented wavetable synthesis and has ingeniously incorporated the technique into Infinite, allowing the user to scroll through 3-D waveforms to create incredibly complex sounds.

Other in-depth parameters are available on the interface, like the matrix style modulation as well the ability to shape detailed sonic envelopes.

Until now, the other apps in Palm’s collection have been available as VST/AU plugins, which unlocks the full versatility of the synth, but as always users should be aware of their systems compatibility when incorporating them into their DAW.

To those less accustomed to the finer parameters of synths however, the Infinite promises to provide an instant tactile experience that will be inviting to beginners and pros alike.

Find out more about Wolfgang Palm and his new creation here.


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