Power Your Synths, Amps & Pedals via USB with Songbird FX’s Birdcord Adapter

By March 27, 2019Amps, News, Pedals, Synths
Birdcord USB

As the world has moved in a big way towards USB power, pedals, amps and synths have been a bit slow to catch on. Songbird FX has swooped in to help with their Birdcord USB adapter, which has the potential to really ruffle some feathers in the power supply industry.

Birdcord USB

Songbird FX’s Birdcord can power your synths, pedals and amps by USB, and might just change the power supply pecking order.

Any device, including 6V, 9V, 12V and 18V, can be converted to 5V USB power through the Birdcord. This range of voltages means that it’s compatible with just about anything with a DC jack, meaning microamps, pedals and synthesizers.

The ability to use power supplied from USB power banks means that musicians can cut their thick wires loose and get some freedom from power outlets, which could seriously clean up their workspace.

The Birdcord USB has the potential to really change the pecking order when it comes to power supply. If you want to make the switch to USB power, fly on over to Songbird FX’s Website.

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