Positive Grid Unveils BIAS FX Mobile Universal, Free for iPhone and iPad

By October 17, 2018News, Production
BIAS FX Mobile Universal

Positive Grid has announced an upgraded version of their best selling guitar processing amp – the BIAS FX Mobile Universal. The app has all the tone shaping features of the desktop version and can be used with both iPhone and iPad, making it super easy and portable. And the best thing, it’s free.

BIAS FX Mobile Universal

Positive Grid’s BIAS FX Mobile Universal lets you sculpt professional guitar amplifier sounds wherever inspiration may strike. Oh, and it’s free!

The new app comes packed with standard features including amplifier packs, tube drivers, transformers, tone stacks, effects processors and speaker cabinets with multi-mic options; all accessible through Positive Grid’s brand new drag and drop interface. Users can also access different packages via in-app purchases, such as a custom speaker pack created in collaboration with Celestion.

Positive Grid gives guitarists the ability to access professional amplifier sounds, through a fully integrated mobile experience. Users can access a comprehensive bank of tones wherever they may be, whether it be in the park or the back of a bus (please don’t play at the back of a bus).

The free app comes stocked with 2 free amps and 7 effects with 6 presets. There are three packages available for purchase. The Starter License comes with the Dual Signal Path feature, plus 3 more amps (‘77 Silver Tone, ‘92 Treadplate and Acoustic Sim) and 8 pedals (Compressor, Booster, Distortion X, EQ6, Tremolo, Flanger, Cry Wah and Digital Reverb).

The Essential License unlocks more features, such as Dual Signal Path, Global Output Settings, MIDI Control and BIAS AMP 2 integration, plus 10 more amp, 23 more pedals, and 44 more presets.

The Ultimate License unlocks everything from Essential License, plus 7 Expansion Packs including Essential Analog Effect Pack, Classic From ’60s Pack, Effect Powerhouse Pack, Acoustic Pack, Bass Pack, Studio Rack Pack, and Metal Signature Pack, totaling 20 amps, 81 effects and 74 factory presets.

Visit the app store for a free download.

[via Guitar World]

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