Polyverse Unveil Wider – A Free Plugin for Huge Sounding Stereo

Wider is a stereo width creating plugin from Polyverse. It makes creating psuedo-stereo effects ridiculously easy, and best of all, it’s free.

Could this be the perfect tool for creating stereo width? Wider from Polyverse is an ingenious and free plugin for making mono tracks sound larger than life.

The plugin creates the illusion of a stereo image: at 100% intensity, the sound will create a full stereo image, but you can push it to 200% to create an exaggerated sense of space.

Importantly, the integrity of the original signal is maintained via an all pass and comb filtering algorithm. If the channel is summed to mono, the effect simply cancels itself out.

Better still, Wider is a free download!

Check out Polyverse for more information.


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