Play a Modular Synth in Virtual Reality With ‘Synthmulator’

By November 26, 2018News, Synths

The crazy world of virtual reality, a place where you can live out your wildest dreams, taking on extreme sports, exploring the world and now… tinkering with a modular synthesiser. ‘Synthmulator’ is a program created by developer Oscar Sebio. It’s a world based around the ‘PROTO-1’ synthesiser, a four oscillator modular with two filters, ADSR envelopes, a three channel VCA and even an 8 step sequencer.


Created by developer Oscar Sebio, the new ‘Synthmulator’ lets you practise fiddling with a modular synth in virtual reality.

As virtual reality is still a bit of an emerging technology, musical applications so far have generally sat somewhere between strange and surreal, such as Planeta’s Drops: Rhythm Garden or the AliveInVR Ableton controller. This undertaking, however, is one of the first to tackle a complex hardware instrument in accurate detail.

The program functions by allowing you twist knobs and pick up and connect patch cables between two inputs, customising the virtual sound. The world is relatively small and you can’t actually move away from the synth, however, there is a window with a bit of a view in case you need some inspiration.

The program is available for free or by donation, although Sebio says that it would be nice if you paid $5 for it, which to be fair is a lot cheaper than buying a synth in normal reality.

Head over here for the download.

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