Pineapple On Fuzz? Caroline Guitars Debuts Hawaiian Pizza Fuzzdrive

By October 29, 2018News, Pedals
hawaiian pizza fuzzdrive

Let’s start by clearing the air and confirm that pineapple should never go on pizza, it’s a straight up travesty. But what about on a Fuzz? Well, Caroline Guitars Company has been cooking up something special, something they claim is both ‘Sweet and Savoury.’

hawaiian pizza fuzzdrive

Caroline Guitar Company’s new Hawaiian Pizza is incredibly versatile and offers both fuzz and drive, as well as ham and pineapple.

The Hawaiian Pizza was originally offered as limited one day purchase, but now the South Carolina manufacturer has offered a new run of their tasty fuzz. Caroline Guitars claims the Hawaiian Pizza is a twist on a classic fuzz circuit, however, unlike a lot of vintage boxes can be placed anywhere in the chain thanks to a ‘passive guitar pickup simulator’.

The Fuzzdrive does what its name suggests, fuzz and drive, with tones ranging from small tube amps, crunchy vintage British tones to heavier saturated fuzz. The tone is tweakable via three knobs labelled ‘Pizza’, ‘Pineapple’ and ‘Pork’.

“Capturing the essence of the world’s most expensive, collectible, and unavailable amplifiers. The most crystal of lettuce, the most unobtanium of discontinued exotic zest of magic diodes, the newest old stock tubes of artisanal sous vide blockchain components, organic GMO free discrete integrated circuits, simultaneously wild, free range, and humanely farmed, wired point-to-point on holistically mindful, mil-spec bespoke circuit boards.

Its bypass is not just “truthful” – it is unflinchingly candid. Worthy of all the years you spent on a waiting list, the Hawaiian Pizza is the sonic equivalent of a forbidden delicacy. It’s nothing but three knobs and the truth,” states Caroline guitars.

Check out a bit of a demo in the video below (*warning* Don’t click if you can’t handle chewing sounds) and head here for the product page.

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