Pinar Toprak’s Captain Marvel Soundtrack Unveiled

Captain Marvel, the latest epic in the Marvel series features an equally expansive soundtrack from the mind of Pinar Toprak. The score features all the daring and emotional extremes that you would expect, and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

Pinar Toprak has scored the Captain Marvel soundtrack. Tracked at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, it’s as epic as the movie itself.

Toprak’s score, which has abundant orchestral depth, as well as flourishes of synth and other electronics was recorded by more than 90 players at Abbey Road.

Toprak has an established pedigree in a whole range of composing scenarios, including video games like Fortnite and recent TV series like Krypton. 

The composer has been a musician from a very young age, earning a degree in film scoring and a master’s degree in composition at age 22. She then went on to work alongside legendary composers including Hans Zimmer and William Ross.

Stream and download the soundtrack here.

Find out more about Pinar Toprak here.

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