Peluso Launches the P-414 Large Diaphragm Condenser

By January 2, 2019Miking, News, Recording

American mic specialists Peluso have welcomed the new year with by taking us back in time. The P-414 definitely wears its influence on its sleeve – paying faithful tribute to the 1976 AKG C414 EB.

Peluso have made a habit of reviving the classics. With the P-414, they’ve taken on one of the most recognisable large diaphragm condensers in history, the AKG C414 EB.

Famed for its versatility, the original 414 is apt to be used on vocals, guitars, drums and more. Peluso have sought to capitalise on the mic’s best attributes, while updating it for the modern studio.

Here’s what they have to say about modernising the mic:

“The highest quality modern components ensure a very low self-noise, essential in a modern microphone. We achieve our balanced output with a generously sized transformer, eliminating interference and distortion.”

All the specs that made the 1976 version so influential are present, including the CK12 style brass capsule – essential in its detailed mid range and airy top end. 

It’s four polar patterns (cardioid, hyper cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-eight) make it an extremely versatile studio workhorse. 

Visit Peluso for more details.

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