Pedaltrain Tease a Brand New, Very, Very Small Guitar Tuner Pedal

By December 5, 2018News, Pedals

Earlier this week Pedaltrain teased a new tuning pedal via a few images on their Instagram account. The new unit is called the Pedaltrain PT-SST Space Saving Tuner and they’re not kidding, it’s less than 1 inch tall and one inch wide, meaning it can squeeze between two standard sized pedals on your board.


As most guitarists know, pedalboard real estate is a real issue. Pedaltrain knows this too and has announced the new PT-SST Space Saving Tuner.

Pedaltrain has been making quality pedalboards for most of the last decade and has become something of an industry standard, however, recently they have made a move into the power supply department. A space-saving tuner seems like the next logical step and the new PT-SST looks to solve the classic ‘pedalboard real estate’ issue that a lot of pedal hungry guitarists end up facing eventually.

The latest image shows that the new unit is more of a dongle than a pedal, with wiring that looks slim enough to fit in most tight situations. There isn’t a lot more information about this tiny new stompbox, but one could assume that the lack of a footswitch means that it doesn’t mute the signal and could very well be true bypass. So maybe it’s not really a stompbox then.

Pedaltrain stated via their Instagram that the PT-SST Space Saving Tuner is due for a release later in the month. They also gave a little wisdom on how they managed to make the footprint so minute.

“How did we make it so small? Low Carbs”

Stay ‘tuned’ for more.

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