Overloud Reveals the OTD-2 Delay 6-Tap Plugin

otd 2 delay overloud plugins

Overloud has just released a OTD-2 plugin. It’s an emulation of the famous A/DA STD-1 delay that was released in 1980. It’s a faithful recreation of the original, with a few cutting edge additions.

otd 2 delay overloud pluginsAnalog delay flavour in a brand new plugin. The OTD-2 is an exacting recreation of a bucket brigade classic, with some new tricks for fresh productions.

The versatile plugin offers up anything from subtle thickening, through to chorus and flanging, right up to spaced-out echoes. The 6-tap delay on each channel can be employed to create custom stereo effects.

The stereo and reverb modes are new to this plugin. The delay regeneration can be stereo-reversed and taken from multiple taps in order to create a reverb style decay.

Another enhancement is the extended delay time. While the original was limited to 55 ms, the OTD-2 can go up to 1600 ms – when combined with individual panning of the delay taps, it makes for unique spatial effects possibilities across the stereo field.

Visit the Overloud website for more details.

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