Output Launches Arcade Loop Synth, Which Is Updated Daily

Output has unveiled Arcade: a subscription based virtual instrument, which allows you manipulate loops in real time from alternate sonic worlds.

A boon for media composers the world over, Output’s Arcade delivers a stack of sound worlds that are updated daily for endless inspiration.

The plugin offers up its delights from a cloud based browser, where you can download kits to suit your taste in atmosphere. The instrument interface presents as a keyboard, with the white keys triggering loops, while black keys trigger modifiers.

Four sliders are also present and unique to each kit. These control macro effects, which have MIDI learn capabilities, making for a much more “playable” experience. You can set and lock keys for kits, making switching between kits in an existing project all the more seamless.

There are also built in effects spanning modulation, compression, distortion and ambience and also the ability to customise the length of loops.

This “Netflix” of virtual instruments is updated daily with new content, so inspiration for music making will never be far away.

For more info on this one-of-a-kind package, head over to Output.

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