Origin Effects’ RevivalDRIVE Compact Dishes Up Cross-Atlantic Amp Classics

By August 19, 2019Amps, Effects, News, Pedals
Origin Effects Revival Drive

Pedal masters Origin Effects have blessed us again with their new single-channel overdrive – the RevivalDRIVE Compact.

The same company that brought us pedals like the Cali76 Compressor have now made a breakthrough in portable tone technology. The RevivalDRIVE Compact is designed to accurately recreate a range of British and American valve amp tones within a single size pedal, unlike its chunky older brother.

The Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact aims to achieve the finest in tube amp simulation within a comfortably-sized package.

The pedal’s discreet all-analog components have been painstakingly recreated to replicate the exact same circuit behaviour, as well as tone and feel, of classic amps from Fender and Marshall. Internal features include an analog preamp, phase inverter, push-pull power amp and rectifier stages plus a speaker emulating reactive load. The front-mounted control to allow you to control the different parameters of the pedals hardware in order to cook up an endless amount of amp tones.

The output, gain, high and low controls allow you to dial in the basis of your guitar’s tone. The blend knob lets you set the amount of drive you want from a 100% clean boost, to a rich overdrive flavour. Possibly the most interesting feature, the More/Pres control, varies negative feedback around the pedal’s power amp stage.

When turned clockwise the knob acts as a Marshall amp’s presence knob, releasing high frequencies from the effects of negative feedback. If turned anti-clockwise negative feedback around the power amp is reduced giving you a more controlled tone. The pedal also comes with a post-drive EQ with containing three preset EQ curves (Flat Power Amp, Fender Blackface, Marshall).


To get a better look at this bad boy, visit Origin Effects here.

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